Escape COVID-19 at your own floating five-star hotel

VIP catamaran holidays thinks along with you

As Forbes already mentioned: it doesn't get any safer than spending your vacation on a private charter. On board our Lagoon 620 you can escape the measures regarding the corona virus for a while and you can recharge your battery for a while.

Travelers all over the world are confronted with various measures to spread the corona virus. When booking, Team VIP catamaran holidays will carefully find out for you the procedure for the country where we can welcome you on board.

Our crew is tested for the corona virus before every trip by means of a PCR test. If desired, they are always willing to provide you with the official result.

In the unlikely event that you have to deal with a case of corona before starting your holiday, we would like to hear this as soon as possible. You can then reschedule the holiday free of charge.

VIP catamaran holidays thinks along with you.