Barbados, Martinique, Mustique, Saint Vincent, Grenada

The Grenadines are an island chain of 600 islets between Saint Vincent and Grenada. They are part of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. Renting a catamaran from VIP catamaran holidays is the best way to explore the Grenadines. A magical journey that you will never forget!


Barbados has an average temperature of 26 degrees with no fewer than sixty snow-white beaches and of course plenty of palm trees. Yet there is a heavy rainy season, but .. between November and April, the period that you can rent a catamaran at VIP catamaran holidays, it is dry. You will not find cafes here, but rum shops and a highlight is a visit to the Washington House where the future first American president George Washington stayed in 1751. Your VIP catamaran holidays hostess will be happy to provide you with more information.


Martinique is a beautiful green island: a hilly landscape with tropical forests interspersed with sugar cane fields and banana plantations. In addition to the modern capital Fort-de-France, Martinique consists of picturesque villages and both black and white sandy beaches. Renting a catamaran for a tour of the island is absolutely worth it. Martinique is part of the French Antilles so .. à bientôt en Martinique!


Mustique sounds like mystical and it is. It is a private island. The rich & famous, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, love to spend their holidays there. It is therefore not just called 'the residential area for the rich & famous'. You will of course understand that Mustique is a no-go, but if you are going to rent a catamaran from VIP catamaran holidays then we will anchor in the bay so that you can still take a look at this mysterious island. Captain Ricardo of VIP catamaran holidays will bring you ashore with our dinghy.


Saint-Vincent is now the hotspot for lovers of beautiful yachts and life on the water, but until 2019 the island was called 'the secret corner of the Caribbean'. If you are going to rent a catamaran at VIP catamaran holidays, it is of course a must to moor here. The main island of The Grenadines has plenty of attractions to visit, such as an (active) volcano, waterfalls and a saltwater lake.