Caribbean paradises

In addition to The Grenadines and the ABC Islands, there are many more paradises to discover in the Caribbean. Would you like to visit a hotspot such as the fashionable Sint-Barths or do you prefer peace and quiet, a colorful underwater world and unspoiled nature? Then we will take you to the British Virgin Islands, for example. VIP catamaran holidays maps out a route for you that exactly suits your holiday wishes.

Saint Barthélemy

Capital yachts, the champagne flows freely and you have a good chance of bumping into a celebrity: the fashionable Saint-Barthélemy, or Saint Barths, appeals to everyone's imagination. Skipping this island is actually not an option. Renting a catamaran from VIP catamaran holidays offers a solution: you don't have to book a suite in the famous Eden Rock for thousands of euros. Would you like to immerse yourself in the jet set of the Caribbean for a few days? Then we would like to take you to Sint Barths.

St Martin

The capital of the French part of St. Maarten, Marigot, has two harbors where you can shop and dine exclusively. It is an island with something for everyone: there are trendy beaches, child-friendly beaches and beaches with many water sports options. The common denominator is of course the azure blue water and the beautiful coral reefs that surround St. Martin. Also take a look at Maho beach, just in front of Princess Juliana International Airport. You can almost touch the planes that land here. After that, you will be happy to return to tranquility on your rented catamaran from VIP catamaran holidays.

British Virginislands

Renting a catamaran and exploring the British Virgin Islands is a paradise adventure. The archipelago is made up of more than fifty islands with white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, densely forested hills and picturesque harbors and bays. The ocean is calm and it is only a short crossing between the islands to your next sheltered anchorage. The British Virgin Islands is a wonderful diving paradise due to its shipwrecks and beautiful sea creatures.

American virgin islands

Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, is next to the largest city, one of the busiest and most beautiful harbors in the Caribbean. This island alone has forty white beaches. There is a lot to experience: for example, swing over the rainforest with a cable car or throw your hips loose at a swinging Caribbean party. For more relaxation, we sail to St John, where you can enjoy the lush nature. St. John can only be reached by water, so renting a catamaran is a must here! At Sint-Croix you can indulge your cultural heart, so every island in this archipelago is unique and worth a visit.